23rd February 2019 

Workshops, Events & Links

I organise and facilitate workshops, usually in the Glasgow area but occasionally elsewhere. A list of previous workshops is shown below:

  • Self Compassion and Vicarious Trauma for support workers.

  • Labyrinth Workshops:
    As a Veriditas trained facilitator, I offer labyrinth workshops to small groups. Indoor and outdoor labyrinth walks can be profound experiences for many people. Others find them to be spaces where we don't have to think, we can just be. Children (and adults too!) sometimes find them great fun. If you'd like to have a labyrinth workshop experience please get in touch - if you find a labyrinth on your travels just walk it and see what happens.

  • Only Child, Elderly Parents and Loss: As we grow older, so do our parents. Supporting our parents as only children presents challenges which will be faced by an increasing number of people who face this part of life often feeling more isolated than others. Without siblings to turn to, it can help to consider this part of your life in the company of other "onlies" who have already been through your current circumstances, or who worry about what is ahead.

  • Only Children and Photographs:
    Without siblings to share memories of our childhood, photographs take on a special significance in the remembered life story of only children. Using real photographs of our own childhoods, this is an opportunity to revisit events and memories using techniques drawn from Phototherapy.

  • Childlessness and the only child:
    Somehow remaining childless as an only child seems to have an additional layer of meaning. This one day workshop will be an opportunity to explore what this means for you personally, and to be heard by others who share this part of your life experience. However you arrive at this point, it can help to feel there are others who understand.

  • Exploring Memories Through Photographs:
    When was the last time you really looked at your photographs? What did you feel when you were doing this? Did you resolve anything or did the images simply raise more questions than you knew what to do with? You are invited to a day of revisiting images which can give surprising insights. This day is open to anyone with an interest in exploring the emotional impact of their own personal photographs: it is not a workshop about photography! Guidance will be issued in advance of the workshop.

    (Only child workshops are open to adults who are only children or whose experience of growing up felt as if they were an only child. If you are unsure whether a workshop is appropriate for you please contact me to discuss this.)